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imageThe fixed trading amount for bots . Tooltips for entry and exit prices . This feature will allow you to set Bid / Ask / Last price for the limit entries. You could also select the price deviation from the signal of entry. You can now easily swing your position in the opposite direction from the dashboard. This feature is available in the dashboard when you placed the limit order but your price was not filled and the market reversed. Now your bot can use the fixed amount for trading and would you leverage to make sure that the amount that you inputted would stay constant.

These tooltips will show you the entry end exit timestamps and also highlight if the exit price was executed by take-profit / stop-loss/ trailing stop and if the action was executed by trader or bot. Limit entries for bots . With a click of the button, you can execute your order using the market price. Copy trade the best crypto traders with a transparent track record, trade yourself using the advanced trading terminal or create a fully automated trading bot using TradingView.

WunderTrading is a platform that allows you to start trading and investing in cryptocurrency seamlessly. Indeed, even with this customization, Cryptohopper stays perhaps the most simple bot to work, and individual systems can be imparted to other people so they can duplicate your configurations of the technical indicators. Make sure you make a note of your Secret string, as you won’t get to see it again. After this, you’ll see your assigned Key and Secret, both required to connect Zignaly.

That means if you lose it, you’ll need to create fresh API access instead. Another option is trading bots. But most of these ways of earning money were manual and in them you constantly had to do a lot yourself. And they do not promise you mountains of gold out of thin air. For crypto bot many, this topic is associated with scam and all sorts of pyramids. I tell you about various ways to earn money on my channel – various investments in sales, DeFi projects, Play 2 Earn games and so on.

However, real trading bots exist, for example on crypto exchanges such as KuCoin. But do not forget that in the crypto world there are ways to make more automated profits. And I will tell you in more detail about the functionality of trading bots using the KuCoin crypto trade bot exchange as an example, because of all the available crypto trade bot platforms that offer the possibility of automated trading, KuCoin is, in my opinion, both the most reliable and the most diverse in terms of the opportunities provided.

They are simply tools to make your trading experience less of a chore. To make money on them, you still need to conduct analytics and at random you won’t be able to make a profit with them. However, if we compare manual trading and trading using bots, then this is still a more convenient way to earn money, because you don’t have to sit in front of the monitor 24/7 and irritate your eyes with charts. +++ #KuCoin #Binance #криптобиржа #KCS #криптовалюта #биткоин #биржа #трейдинг #CoinPost website – my referral link – https://www.

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