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imageNamely, on platforms such as Telegram, Reddit, and Trustpilot, there are many negative reviews of the bot. All things considered, the great majority of negative experiences are caused primarily by a lack of knowledge about crypto trading. Quite a significant number of users engage in trading without previously learning all the basic rules and concepts. Investing in Bitsgap means getting access to the automated algorithms of the robot, but also means you can have a platform that is designed to work with more than 15 of the most popular crypto exchanges, including Binance, Kraken and Coinbase.

imageThen if the price goes up to $105 you will be selling 50% of your remaining BTC and finally at 10% you will be selling all. In example, if you buy 1BTC at $100. When it goes up 2.5% you will be selling 25% of 1BTC. All this levels and % are customizables by the user :). Clique em " Trading Bot ", em " Running (Em execução) " os usuários podem verificar os detalhes dos lucros, como Grid Profits (lucros do grid) , Floating PNL (PNL flutuante) , número de arbitrages (arbitragens) e APR (retorno anual) .

Se o preço do token for inferior Kucoin a isso, o grid trading será interrompida até que o preço volte para a faixa. Clique em " Customize Parameters (Personalizar parâmetros) ", escolha um par de negociação e defina o Min. Price (Preço mínimo) é o preço de compra mais baixo. Ao definir o grid, tente prever os preços máximos e mínimos que o token pode alcançar em um futuro próximo com base nas tendências históricas.

Price (Preço mínimo) e o Max. Portanto, se você quiser maximizar seus lucros, é melhor tentar garantir que o preço do token não saia de sua faixa de preço nos próximos dias. Price (Preço máximo) . Price (Preço máximo) , se o preço do token ultrapassar sua configuração, nenhuma outra ordem será executada. If you have ever had anything to do with the cryptocurrency trade, you probably already heard about Kucoin.

According to all available data, it is currently one of the most popular exchanges out there. Its 24-hour trading volume currently exceeds $3 billion, and Kucoin it has more than five million users in more than 100 countries. And, since Kucoin’s expansion was seemingly unstoppable for quite a while, it’s not such a big surprise that they decided to come up with their trading bot as well. Selling an asset at a specific price might be humanly impossible to track as prices change very quickly.

Bots monitor crypto exchanges for specific conditions and execute trades at the precise moment needed. Similarly, tasks that require high precision can be assigned to crypto trade bot trading bots. Amount to trade : Is the amount to trade on each Buy signal as max value, if your account has less BTC/USDT, it will trade the maximum amount available. On sell signals the bot will sell ALL the amount available. If the amount available is less than min amount that Binance accepts (0.001 BTC or 10USD) then the bot won’t execute the order.

Daarom hebben wij de 6 beste crypto trade bot trading bots voor je op een rijtje gezet.

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