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11 months agoTrade on Bitmex with the faster moving Binance trades / candles) TODO: Show possible arbitrage trades. Webserver UI Support for going "Short" and "Long" Signal browser dashboard for pairs Slack and email notification Join foreign exchange candles (eg. Fully use Websocket for exchange communication to react as fast as possible on market Multi pair support in one instance sqlite3 storage for candles, tickers, . Crypto trading bots like Bitsgap and similar platforms designed to automate your trading strategy have grown in popularity as the cryptocurrency market has matured.

Tools like these can be extremely effective for crypto trade bot compounding your crypto gains; however, tax reporting can become tedious — especially for traders with dozens, hundreds, or thousands of trades across multiple exchanges. In this guide, we discuss tips for record keeping and tax reporting for your automated crypto trading strategy. Just talk to BotFather and follow simple steps until it gives you a token for it. After creating it, add the bot as administrator (make sure to uncheck "All Members Are Admins").

First, you'll need to create a bot for crypto bot Telegram. You'll also need to create a Telegram group, the place where you and crypto-trading-bot will communicate. Today, many companies have built software tools to automate the entire cryptocurrency tax reporting process. It may be helpful to use one of these tools to handle all of the number crunching and tax form creation on your behalf. Similar to other investments like stocks, when the value of your crypto increases and you sell it for a gain, you are subject to a capital gains tax on that income.

2 days agoGenerally speaking, governments around the world treat cryptocurrencies like bitcoin as an asset or investment. Price (Preço mínimo) e o Max. Price (Preço máximo) , se o preço do token ultrapassar sua configuração, nenhuma outra ordem será executada. Price (Preço mínimo) é o preço de compra mais baixo. Clique em " Customize Parameters (Personalizar parâmetros) ", escolha um par de negociação e defina o Min. Se o preço do token for inferior a isso, o grid trading será interrompida até que o preço volte para a faixa.

Ao definir o grid, tente prever os preços máximos e mínimos que o token pode alcançar em um futuro próximo com base nas tendências históricas. Price (Preço máximo) . Portanto, se você quiser maximizar seus lucros, é melhor tentar garantir que o preço do token não saia de sua faixa de preço nos próximos dias. UI: Signals: Tradingview: Backtesting: Order & Pair Management:

Diversification mitigates risk and improves returns. Studies found that 95% of active traders fail to beat the index. We built the HODL indices for users who want to diversify across the market instead of picking individual coins. Deixe o KuCoin Trading Bot trabalhar para você! Quanto mais tempo um grid trading bot funciona, melhor ele funciona e mais lucro gera.

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