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De ene is ‘AI-parameters’ en de andere is ‘Customize Parameters’. Klik op ‘Classic Grid’, en klik vervolgens op ‘Create’ om een ​​grid trading bot te starten. KuCoin Trading Bot biedt 2 manieren om grid handel te creëren. Above all, the price range and the number of orders. My recommendation is that you use the price range as a reference and indicate the price you think it will have in the coming days. Also keep in mind that these bots have been created a day or more ago, so the price range may no longer match the current price of the cryptocurrency.

The most important thing is to choose well if the cryptocurrency is going to go up or down in the next few days. With this, you will be able to have grid bots that will generate great profitability. Since these are the most important aspects. My recommendation is not only to copy the bot, but to look at different bots and what settings they use. If you believe that the cryptocurrency will continue to rise, raise the price parameter, and if you believe that the cryptocurrency has already risen a lot and is going to fall, lower the price range.

But not only go and copy their bot, but see the configuration and understand it to be able to apply it to our bot. The strategy to get very profitable bots, although it sounds very simple, is to copy the bots of the people who have the best performing bots. We are honored to be listed in the KuCoin Plus Trading Area, and attribute the success to all Triasurers. Therefore, we decided to hold an airdrop with 50 Trias LV1 NFTs, which will be useful in the coming NFT mining event.

And you will have it ready to start trading. If you simply want to copy the same bot, indicate the amount you want to use in total investment and click on create. Click on create, to be able to see more in detail all the settings and kucoin it will take you to customize your trading bot. Now just click on it, and you will see its configuration. Here, you can see the most important aspects of this bot, such as the Price range, and the number of orders.

Crypto Trading BotAlthough what we are going to see now, for the moment it only works with the classic grid trading bot. In the description you will be able to find a video about the new futures grid trading bot that KuCoin has launched. KùCoin lists major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also supports hundreds of smaller altcoins. This includes crypto trade bot lending, a cryptocurrency mining pool, staking services and various promotions.

KùCoin has a suite of products that allow cryptocurrency investors to earn rewards on their crypto holdings. In addition to basic spot trading services, kucoin KùCoin also offers margin and derivatives trading for users who want to take advantage of leverage. KùCoin was launched in 2017 and it is a popular cryptocurrency Exćhange with a very large offering of different crypto trade bot assets. The Exćhange also hosts token sales on its KùCoin Spotlight platform, where users can purchase tokens from up-and-coming blockchain projects.

The "Trusted Exćhange" tag is for informative purposes only and does not represent an endorsement from CoinCodex.

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